Super Flexible Series Hydraulic Hose

Super Flexible Series Hydraulic Hose

SANYEFLEX  flexible hydraulic hose have the unique advantages of being ultra-flexible, high-pressure resistant, and high pulse (1SN, 2SN hose reach ≥ 200,000 times/cycle, 4SH/4SP hose reach 800,000 times/cycle). The hose frame material is ultra flexible, which fully meets demands of various fluid power mechanical equipment for low bend, high pressure and long life.

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Sustained Resilience

Sustained Resilience

Additional wear and flame resistance for extended service life

Excellent Flexibility

Excellent Flexibility

Bending radius up to 1/2 of SAE spiral hose standard

Continuous Operation

Continuous Operation

Reliability is critical to the operation of demanding hydraulic systems

Firmly Connected

Firmly Connected

Connected with connectors for safe and durable use

 Flexible Hydraulic Hose

Flexible hydraulic hose is ideal for tough applications subject to a variety of conditions such as heat, pressure, vibration, motion or corrosion.

Manufactured to the highest standards, our flexible hydraulic hose provides a highly durable product with excellent workability. Our rigorous manufacturing procedures ensure the integrity and fitness for purpose of metal hose assemblies. Flexible hydraulic hose offers reliability unmatched by other hose products because any fitting can be attached to the metal hose to suit your application. We can manufacture flexible metal hose to meet customer specifications.


They are used as flexible hydraulic hose in the hydraulic systems of machines and institutions for the transportation of mineral and hydraulic oils, fuel oils and water-oil emulsions. High pressure hydraulic hoses are also used in logging, road construction, agriculture, mining, and the oil and gas industry.

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