Firber Braided Hydraulic Hose (Wrapped Cover/ Smooth Cover)

Firber Braided Hydraulic Hose (Wrapped Cover/ Smooth Cover)

SANYEFLEX supply fiber braided hydraulic hose for customers. The product consists of an inner rubber of oil-resistant synthetic rubber, a reinforced layer of one or two layers of fiber braided fabric and an outer rubber of oil-resistant and weather-resistant synthetic rubber. Fiber braided hydraulic hose is favored by many customers because of its high quality.

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  • SAE 100R3  (Wrapped Cover / Smooth Cover)

    SAE 100R3 (Wrapped Cover / Smooth Cover)

    SAE 100R3 Medium Pressure Hydraulic Hose is ideal for medium pressure fuel and oil lines as well as return and suction hoses for hydraulic systems. Two layers of braided fabric protect the inner hose from damage to the outer cover.
  • SAE 100R6  (Wrapped Cover / Smooth Cover)

    SAE 100R6 (Wrapped Cover / Smooth Cover)

    INNER TUBE: oil resistant synthetic rubber
    REINFORCEMENT: one high tensile fibre braid
    COVER: abrasion and weather resistant synthetic rubber
    TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40℃ to +100℃
  • SAE 100R7

    SAE 100R7

    The SAE 100R7 hydraulic hose is a type of hose commonly used in hydraulic systems. It is designed to withstand high pressure and transmit hydraulic fluid between various components in machinery and equipment.
  • SAE 100R8

    SAE 100R8

    STRUCTURE AND CAPABILITY: This kind of hose is made of inner tube (Nylon, reinforcement (High Pressure Synthetic Fiber), and cover (High Flexibility Nylon or Thermoplastic). It is light weight.

Textile Braided Hose

Hydraulic hoses maximize production and minimize downtime.

Textile braided hydraulic hoses are lightweight and flexible for low and medium pressure hydraulic applications. They are typically used to transfer petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, glycol antifreeze, water, diesel fuel and air.

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